Saturday, June 22, 2013

Picking my jaw up off the floor....

So you likely know awhile back our family started using Essential Oils (aka EO's) as a means to try to find a more natural way to heal issues we have (ok... illness type issues... we know SOME issues are just that HAHA! )  Can I tell you up front that I was 100% a skeptic from the day I first heard something about "oils".  I believe it was my friend Nicky in church--- we had a fussy baby in the nursery and Nicky busted out her bottle of lavender and was wafting it in front of her face.  I kind of rolled my eyes and was like... whateves.  She's some voodoo girl.   (Not really... Nicky is super sweet, and she's my hairdresser and I love her!).  But the oil thing... I was like... dude, you're weird.

And then my friend Lindsay posted something online about being a "Lemon Dropper" and started talking about oils for this and oils for that.  My eyes kind of glazed over and honestly I had no idea what she was talking about.   She'd randomly mention a kit here and there, or post on FB about using this oil for her headaches etc.  I again, rolled my eyes and was like... Gypsy!!!  HAHA!

Then my friend Michelle joined in with Lindsay on Facebook.  And then another friend, Nicki, (another Nicki) wrote up this blog post about how she loves her oils.  And I was all "You witch doctors! You're brainwashed!  There's no way those crazy oils are doing anything for you!"

Well one day I drove to Blissfield to pick up an old high chair.  On our way home I stopped at a few little shops in their downtown and saw some EO's on a shelf. I decided to check them out.  I scoffed at the price tag.   But... the seed had been planted in my mind time and time again.  EO's work.  Even though I was totally skeptical, I felt like I needed to check it out.

When I got home I checked out the Lemon Dropper website.   I contemplated buying the cheapest kit, but then was really intrigued by all the things that the bigger kit (with 9 oils) could do and I thought... hmm.  I need to talk to a friend about this.  So, I posted on Facebook to see what some of my friends had to day, and I called Michelle up as I took Hudson to preschool.  We ended up talking for about 2 hours about the oils, and in this time my Facebook status BLEW UP and I had so many friends who either a) vouched how much they loved their oils or b) wanted info and had no idea what essential oils were.

I told Michelle I didn't have the money for the kit right then.  I would have to wait.  I'd buy it later.  And then Michelle let me know that if I ended up having 3 people interested in trying out the kit that the commission off that would cover the cost of my kit.  Say what??  At this time I had another friend, Michele, who wanted to order so I decided what the hell... I'm going to order, and Michele can order from me.  My goal, this day, was to get 3 enrollments and get my kit paid for.  Anything above and beyond that was going to be a bonus.  And hopefully I'd love the oils!

When my oils arrived I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I felt like my family didn't have that many illnesses to deal with and I figured well, I'll wait for someone to have a headache or something.   Around this time our lilac tree was blooming and Hudson ended up having TERRIBLE seasonal allergies.  His eyes were red and swollen.  They were itchy.  Ryan was convinced he had pinkeye.  I knew it was allergies as mine were like this as a teenager.   I looked up some oil concoctions for allergies (Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint were the most popular) and I began my "experiment".   I was amazed that within 10 minutes his eyes were not watering or itchy, the swelling had gone down and he was not complaining anymore!   AMAZING!   For 2 weeks his allergies were raging.  We forgot his oils one day and went to Porter's baseball game.  Hudson ended up in tears, unable to open his eyes, so I rushed him home and put oils on him. I gave him a cold wash cloth for his eyes nad within 10 minutes he was feeling 90% better.

We've also used the oils for so many other things.... we love Purification for bug bites to soothe the itch.  I have used a variety of PanAway, Lavender, Frankincense and Peppermint for headaches.  I use Frankincense (just a drop) with my daily moisturizer.   Peace & Calming and Lavender are relaxing and the kids (and I!) love using that at night.   Thieves kicked a sore throat I was coming down with.   I've purchased  RC and that was AMAZING for a sinus infection I was coming down with.   I received Ocotea and Lemongrass from a promo for free, and YUMMM I love Lemongrass!  I started using it yesterday on my wrist that was achy from pregnancy induced carpal tunnel and is still, to this day, achy.

Our family has not used OTC meds since April (well, aside from Zoloft).  This is so exciting to me!!  I love having something natural to turn to.

So back to my goal.... (I know, this is long winded... sorry...).  My goal was to enroll 3 people and have my kit paid for.  I exceeded that within my first 2 weeks.  I wasn't necessarily planning on doing the business end, but once I started using the oils I realized I really wanted to tell other people about them.   And I liked that I'd be financially compensated for sharing information!  I don't really look at it as "selling" oils.  I don't sell them.   I see it as though I am educating people about the benefits of EO's as an alternative to OTC medications.   I'm not claiming to know it all.  I surely don't!  These oils are a new thing for me, too, but I'm excited to learn more about them and learn from others on my team.  I'm excited to help others find natural ways to alleviate their aches and pains and rashes and sore throats and allergies.  I now have an entire team of girls that I am leading and helping build successful businesses that are all as passionate and excited about using EO's as I am.

As excited and passionate as I am about EO's, I'm just as excited and passionate about the business end.  The business end I was kind of shoved into, but so thankful I hung on for the ride.  I've shared my testimonies about how the oils are working for us, and now I want to share honestly how the oils are financially working for us as well!

It isn't a secret... Young Living is a multi-level-marketing company.   "OH it's a pyramid scheme!" I've had friends tell me. NO NO NO.  Every business, company, organization functions as a pyramid.   This is not a scheme.  And I agree, I'm not a huge fan of multi-level-marketing businesses either.  I've tried Avon.  Melaleuca.  Arbonne.   And every single one I was pumped up, ordered the enrollment kit and "adios!" I was on my own.  No team to support and help me.  Is it a surprise I quickly failed in all of those endeavors?   When I signed up with YL I joined this amazing team of people called the Lemon Droppers.    This team, the Lemon Droppers.... it's amazing.  Supportive.  Helpful.  We actually function as a TEAM to help everyone succeed.  We WANT our teammates to succeed.   As a team we understand the aversion to MLM companies and we set out to make sure we aren't forcing others into some scam.  We are simply sharing our testimonies and educating people- sharing with them- ways that they can use EO's instead of OTC meds.

I want to be 100% honest.  I've put a lot of time, energy, work, and passion into the past 2 months.   I'm committed to making this business successful.  I'm excited to share my successful stories with others- both success with the oils and success with the business.  So let me share.

This was my first month.  I started out in the middle of the month and my goal was just 3 enrollments-- share with 3 people, get 3 people to try these out.  I didn't have anything to tell people about how the oils have worked for me, so instead I shared with them what I knew... how they have helped my friends, and some of the ways they can be used.  I was 100% up front that I was a skeptic but excited nonetheless.  I let some friends sneak into the Lemon Drop Lounge so they could talk with others and see how the oils are helping people that are already using them.   Here are my numbers for the 2 weeks in April:

Total People that I signed up to try the oils: 3
Total number of people "under me": 4 (one person was stacked under me)
Check total for April: $181.00

Not too bad for just 2 weeks under my belt!  I was still learning the ropes and trying to figure out exactly how the business end worked.  I was also still experimenting with the oils and finding daily new ways to use them.  By this time I was excited to be doing the business end.  I figured I'd give another month a try and see how things ended up... if I made a few extra bucks for the month and got my oils paid for, great!

This month I was really motivated to make this work.  I tend to have this "go big or go home" mentality.  I set to work building a team and it exploded like fireworks on the 4th of July.  Each day my team surprised me.   I ended up forming my own separate team to manage, outside of Lindsays, as my team had grown so large.   I realized that I really enjoyed getting to know all the girls in my downline, and really enjoyed teaching them all the things I'd learned about the business end.  I worked hard this month to form a group that was supportive and helpful and worked together.  I think I totally succeeded!  The numbers for May was mind blowing.  

Total People that I signed up to try the oils: 11
Total number of people "under me": 30 
Check total for May: $743.49

When I saw my commission for the month I was floored!   My group had expanded by 7 times!!  My commission had quadrupled!   I wasn't sure where all the enrollments were coming from as they were just coming out of the woodwork, but I was excited to share with people how well the oils were working for me as well as others in my team.   I decided my goal was to save up to pay for Disney and then tackle paying off my student loans.

Commission won't be complete for June until the middle of July, but I'm expecting my check to double.   My team has already doubled at nearly 60 people underneath me, with almost half of that doing the business end.  I already hit Executive level this month- my 3rd month!- and I am really hoping to hit Silver by next month.   This would be huge (and I know with my team it is totally do-able!)  Hitting Silver means a huge bonus, as well as a $2600 Aroma Complete kit of 120 oils!  It's on, baby!

What am I getting at with all this?  I want to let you know that if you're looking for an alternative to popping pills, there is one.  If you're looking for a great team to work with to help build a stay-at-home business, there is one.   I'd love to help you with both!  Our team is not every man for himself... we are growing by leaps and bounds and are exceeding levels at an insane rate.   We are crazy supportive of each other and are quickly becoming great friends who are happy to help each other out.   

Listen....  I could never have imagined I'd be rubbing oils on my temples and popping veggie capsules of oils for my allergies- never in my life.  I'd have laughed in your face!  But here I am now, sharing these oils with others, sharing my success, and sharing this crazy path my life has taken me.  A year ago I quit my job and felt like God was pulling me to be home with my babies.  I know photography has my heart and I love my photography business, but I am realizing that so many twists and turns in my path have led me here- working from home with my babies.  This past winter was HARD for us.  Photography in Michigan is slow.  It's hard to make a good income with such an over-saturated market, and we quickly got behind on a lot of things.  And then along came these crazy voodoo witch doctor oils and I'm starting to see that there is a plan for everything... everything happens for a reason if you are open to new paths!

If you'd like to see another out in the open testimony to how the business end is working I highly suggest you read Lindsay's blog post:  Can we be frank and pretend we're friends? 


  1. You are really kicking some arse on this! I'm so glad I could chat with you on the phone and share our voodoo oils with you! I'm even more thrilled that you are finding success both with the oils and making some moola!

  2. It is actually super crazy how this came together for me. I saw your post about the oils on facebook and there were some comments about lemon/peppermint for weight loss and I was instantly intrigued. Did some digging around on the lemon dropper site and knew I had to try. I signed up right after and under you and have been hooked on the oils. Glad my interest helped push you over the edge :) So excited to be on the journey with you and the other lemon droppers.

  3. Nicole,

    I know of you from my mom who worked with you at Western. I am excited to adventure into this oil thing too. (I am very skeptical as well.) I just ordered my kit for Ashley McKenny today! My goal is to get 3 people to sign up as well to cover cost. I am glad to hear it works and hope I can do the same.

    Sarah Klee

    ps. I love seeing the photos my mom shares with me of your children on FB, always beautiful. :)